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IQAC Initiatives

1.    Initiation of updating Academic Documents (Curriculum & Syllabus) for all programs.

2.    Formulation of PSO’s, PO’s and CO’s of all Programmes.

3.    Implementation of Outcome Based Education.

4.    Implementation of Mentor-Mentee Scheme for Professional and personal guidance of all students.

5.    Initiating Accreditation and Rating of University by various organizations.

6.    Conduct of Induction Programme for newly enrolled students.

7.    Promotion of use of ICT in teaching Learning among teachers.

8.    Introduction of SWAYAM MOOCs.

9.    Formulation of Class Committees to ensure inclusive approach in routine functioning and decision making.

10.  Collection and Evaluation of HoD’s Report to evaluate Teaching Learning in various Programmes.

11.  Conduct of anti-plagiarism drive across campus.