The department of Computer Science and Engineering at the College of Engineering and Technology was started in 2007. The aim of the department is to strive for better and best accomplishments, so that students become responsible citizens, competent professionals and leading innovators. The department is contributing to the social needs of the society and ensuring sustainable development of the country as well as the world, on a whole. The faculty strength of the department has grown rapidly in the years from its start. The B. Tech program is a four year program. During the past eleven years the emphasis is on imparting a solid foundation. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students are well equipped to understand and tackle moderately difficult problems from industry and academia. Most of our students go for internships at various companies during their summer vocations. During the final year, we offer a large list of elective courses on advanced technologies. In addition, they undergo a year-long project where they work on latest technology of their interest in collaboration with faculty members. Ours is a young department and is growing at a fast pace. Our alumni have achieved tremendous success in all spheres and this bears an eloquent testimony to our efforts.