Considering the fact that Persian is a very old language with dominating presence in Urdu, Arabic and other ancient classical languages and caters to composite culture, it needs to be nurtured and promoted more so because most valuable and authentic manuscripts on historical, social and political themes are available in Persian and hence Persian serves as a primary source for knowledge and research endeavours. In J& K Persian is deep-rooted since most of its official records are available in Persian which greatly underlines the significance of study of Persian not only as a language but also as an important connecting link to explore and disseminate our ancient literature into other modem languages. With the aforesaid background, the University has introduced P.G. Programme in Persian i.e. M.A. (Persian) at Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri with effect from the forthcoming academic session 2022-23 under the aegis of the Department of Arabic and Dr. Shams Kamal Anjum was appointed as Coordinator.