Course Code & Course Title For Semester I
BSC-CE-101 Mathematics-I
ESC-CE-101 Basic Electrical Engineering
BSC-CE-102 Engineering Chemistry
BSC-CE-103 Engineering Physics
MC-CE-101 Environmental Sciences
Lab Courses:
ESC-CE-111 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
BSC-CE-111 Engineering Chemistry
BSC-CE-112 Engineering Physics
ESC-CE-112 Engineering Graphics Lab**
MC-CE-111 Induction Program***
Course Code & Course Title For Semester II
BSC-CE-201 Mathematics-II
ESC-CE-201 Basic Electronics Engineering
ESC-CE-202 Mechanics of Materials
HSMC-CE-201 Communication Skills
ESC-CE-203 Computer Fundamentals & Programming
MC-CE-201 Indian Constitution*
Lab Courses:
ESC-CE-212 Mechanics of Materials Lab
HSMC-CE-211 Communication Skills Lab
ESC-CE-211 Basic Electronics Lab
ESC-CE-213 Computer Fundamentals & Programming Lab
ESC-CE-214 Workshop Practice
Course Code & Course Title For Semester III
BSC-CE-301 Mathematics-III
PCC-CE-302 Introduction to Solid Mechanics
PCC-CE-303 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
PCC-CE-304 Surveying -
PCC-CE-305 Disaster Preparedness & Planning
BSC-CE-306 Biology & Life Sciences
Lab Courses:
PCC-CE-311 Solid Mechanics Lab
PCC-CE-312 Fluid Mechanics Lab
PCC-CE-313 Surveying Lab
Course Code & Course Title For Semester IV
BSC-CE -401 Numerical Techniques
PCC-CE-402 Theory of Structures
PCC-CE-403 Hydraulic Engineering
PCC-CE-404 Surveying-II
PCC-CE-405 Building Materials & Construction
PCC-CE-406 Estimation and Costing
Lab Courses:
PCC-CE-411 Hydraulic Engineering Lab
PCC-CE-412 Structural Analysis Lab
PCC-CE-413 Surveying-II
Course Code & Course Title For Semester V
PCC-CE-501 Geo-technical Engineering
PCC-CE-502 Environmental Engineering
PCC-CE-503 Design of Concrete Structures
PCC-CE-504 Concrete Technology
PCC-CE-505 Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering
Lab Courses:
PCC-CE-511 Industrial Training
PCC-CE-512 Geo-technical Engineering Lab
PCC-CE-513 Environmental Engineering Lab
PCC-CE-514 Civil Engineering Material Lab
List of courses in Open Elective Course-I (OEC-I
OEC-CE-561/PCC-IT-301 Operating System
OEC-CE-562/PCC-IT-303 Object Oriented programming System using c++
OEC-CE-563/PEC-EE-501 Power Engineering
OEC-CE-564/PEC-ECE-502 Electronic multimedia Engineering
OEC-CE-565/PCC-CSE-301 Data Structure using c
OEC-CE-566/PEC-EE-701 Wind and Solar Energy Systems
Course Code & Course Title For Semester VI
PCC-CE-601 Transportation Engineering
PCC-CE-602 Irrigation Engineering
PCC-CE-603 Design of Steel Structures
Lab Courses:
PCC-CE-611 Transportation Engineering Lab
PCC-CE-612 Survey Camp
List of courses in Professional Elective Course-I (PEC-I)
PEC-CE-641 Construction Engineering and Management
PEC-CE-642 Pavement Material and Geometric Design of Highway
PEC-CE-643 Advance Soil Mechanics
PEC-CE-644 Design of Hydraulic Structures
PEC-CE-645 Rural Water supply
PEC-CE-646 Remote sensing & GIS
List of courses in Professional Elective Course-II (PEC-II)
PEC-CE-647 Engineering Geology
PEC-CE-648 Professional Practice Law and Ethics
PEC-CE-649 Construction Practice and Project Planning
PEC-CE-650 Industrial Waste Treatment
PEC-CE-651 Highway Construction and Pavement Design
PEC-CE-652 Tunnel Engineering
List of courses in Open Elective Course-II (OEC-II)
OEC-CE-661/PCC-IT-401 Data Base Management System
OEC-CE-662/PCC-IT-405 Computer Network
OEC-CE-663/PCC-EE-405 Electrical Measurement-I
OEC-CE-664/PCC-CSE-602 Computer Graphics &Multimedia
OEC-CE-665/PCC-EE-401 Renewable Energy Sources
OEC-CE-666/PEC-EE-603 Energy Audit & Management
OEC-CE-667/PCC-ECE-403 Analog Communiction system
OEC-CE-668/PCC-ECE-606 Non Conventional Energy Sources
OEC-CE-669/PEC-CSE-608 Cyber Crime & Laws
Course Code & Course Title For Semester VII
PROJ-CE-701 Major Project-I
PCC-CE-702 Energy management in Building
PEC-CE PEC Elective-IV
OEC-CE Open Elective-III
Lab Courses:
PCC-CE-711 Industrial Training
PCC-CE-713 Seminar
List of courses in Professional Elective Course-III (PEC-III)
PEC-CE-741 Foundation Engineering
PEC-CE-742 Construction Equipment and Automation
PEC-CE-743 Open channel Flow
PEC-CE-744 Rural Construction Technology
PEC-CE-745 Structural Dynamics
PEC-CE-746 Port and Harbour Engineering
PEC-CE-747 Ground Improvement Techniques
List of courses in Professional Elective Course-IV (PEC-IV)
PEC-CE-748 Prestressed Concrete and Bridge Design
PEC-CE-749 Traffic Engineering and Management
PEC-CE-750 Air and Noise Pollution and Control
PEC-CE-751 Rock Mechanics
PEC-CE-752 Flood Control and River Engineering
PEC-CE-753 Transport Planning and Management
PEC-CE-754 Solid and Hazardous Management
List of courses in Open Elective Course-III (OEC-III)
Optical Communication
Digital Logic Design
Java Programming
OEC-CE-764/PCC-CSE-505 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
OEC-CE-765/PEC-EE-503 Engineering Material And Science
Course Code & Course Title For Semester VIII
PROJ-CE-801 Major Project-II
PEC-CE PEC Elective-V
PEC-CE PEC Elective-VI
List of courses in Professional Elective Course-V (PEC-VI)
PEC-CE-841 Advance Structure Design
PEC-CE-842 Earthquake Engineering
PEC-CE-843 Ground Water Hydrology
PEC-CE-844 Architecture and Town Planning
List of courses in Professional Elective Course-VI (PEC-VII)
PEC-CE-845 Geographical Information System and Science
PEC-CE-846 Structural Geology
PEC-CE-847 Water Resources Field Methods
PEC-CE-848 Environmental Impact Assessment