Department of Mathematical Sciences

Course Scheme 

Masters in Mathematics (Regular & Evening)

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

MS 131 Topology and its Applications 
MS 132 Techniques in Differential Equations 
MS 133 Real Analysis 
MS 134 Applied Numerical Analysis 
MS 135 Computer Fundamentals and C Programming 
MS 136 Set Theory 
MS 137 Lab Course on MS 135

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

MS 231 Numerical Linear Algebra 
MS 232 Functional Analysis with Applications 
MS 233 Abstract Algebra with Applications
MS 234 Complex Analysis with Applications
MS 235 Elements of Accountancy
MS 236 Matlab

Choice Based Open Elective Course (Any one of the following)

IT 232 IT Soft Skills 
UR-238 Fundamentals of Urdu Language & Literature 
Bio 233 Fundamentals of Biotechnology 
Bot 234 Mysteries of Green Plants 
Bot 235 Mushroom Cultivation 
Zol 236 Nutrition, Health & Hygiene 
Arb 237 Fundamentas of Arabic Language 
IS 239 Islamic Religious Sciences 
EVS-240 Environment and Social Issues
Eng-241 Applied English 
Edu-242 Higher Education 
ECO-243 Principles of Banking 
MCA 244 Computer Applications & Operations 
HT 245 Basics of Tourism and Travel Agencies
MGT 246 Business Communication
ECG-247 Introduction to Gojri Language and Literature
ECP-248 Introduction to Pahari Language and Literature
ECK-249 Introduction to Kashmiri Language and Literature
IS-250 Spirituality and Islam

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester III

MS 331 Advanced Topics in Topology 
MS 332 Theory of Operators 
MS 333 Advanced Complex Analysisn
MS 334 Envionmental Science 
Lab Course MS 335 Lab course on LATEX

Choice based Complementary Electives
(Students are required to choose any two of the following courses)

MS 336 Differential Geometry 
MS 337 Number Theory 
MS 338 Module Theory 
MS 339 Wavelet Theory 
MS 340 Calculus in Rn 
MS 341 Abstract Measure Theory and Integration 
MS 342 Theory of Partial Differential Equation 
MS 343 Graph Theory 

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV

MS 431 Dissertation/ Major Project 
MS 432 Technical Communication 
MS 433 Lab Course on SPSS

Choice Based Complementary Elective Courses
(Students are required to opt any three of the following courses

MS 434 Complex Dynamics 
MS 435 Banach Algebra 
MS 436 Advanced Functional Analysis 
MS 437 Tensor Analysis and Riemanian Geometry 
MS 438 Algebraic Topology 
MS 439 Theory of Fields 
MS 440 Spaces of Analytic Functions 
MS 441 Algebraic Geometry 
MS 442 Theory of Relativity  
MS 443 Commutative Algebra 
MS 444 Theory of Integral Equations 
MS 445 Approximation Theory