Department of Physics

Programme Outcomes


On completion of program, the physics post graduates will

 1. Students are expected to acquire a basic/fundamental knowledge in physics, including the core ideas of classical mechanics, Mathematical Physics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, electronics, Nuclear Physics, solid state physics, Numerical techniques and programming and nanotechnology.

2. Students are also expected to develop a written and oral communication skills in communicating physics related ideas.

3. Students learn how to design, conduct an experiments demonstrating interpreting and analyzing results scientifically.

4. Students will learn the applications of numerical techniques for modeling physical systems which have analytical and limitations.

5. Students will realize and develop an understanding of the impact of physics on day to day problems and situations.

6. Learn to reduce contributing variables and recognize the limitations of needed equipment.

7. Discover of physics concepts in other disciplines of basic and applied sciences.

8. Analyze physical problems and acquire more approximate solutions using natural laws.