Urdu Programme


Programme Outcomes


Urdu being the official language of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, so it is imperative to delve deep into Urdu literature to understand the language and literature in the broader perspective. There is a vast treasure in the Urdu literature which enroots us to our glorious past and enlightens us about our culture and heritage. Additionally, the onslaught of science and technology and various other current trends make it essential to render the subject compatible with the modern challenges. A special paper about feminism is being taught in the program to make it more comprehensive and unique. Last but not the least; the program encompasses almost all the genres of Urdu literature to make the students and researchers well versed in the subject, taking full cognizance of the courses offered in other colleges and universities.   

1. The students  may be able to preserve the age old cultural traditions that are preserved in the mass of Urdu literature

2. They may avail the job opportunities in different fields as radio and TV broadcasting apart from journalism

3. They can turn into good writers, script writers for TV serials and films.

4. They may become the part of some cultural academy.

5. They may join or envision a drama club

6. They can act as good translators at embassies, etc..