Urdu Programme


Programme Outcomes


Masters in Urdu is a two year course wherein the main thrust remains on some vital areas of Urdu literature as Urdu Ghazal, Novel, Afsana, Drama, Tehqiq wa Tanqeed. The ultimate purpose is to acquaint and train the students in such fields for placing themselves as contributors in the social cause. After the completion of the course the students may get the following:   

1. Urdu Ghazal forms the core of Indian culture. It engages the maximum of the Indian population. The students may be able to keep such a spirit alive in the hearts of the millions of people who appreciate the aesthetics of Ghazal.

2. Novel acts as an expression of our social issues that require attention at every period of time. It is the representative of our collective thinking. The students through this study may learn the art of highlighting the social and individual issues in an appealing way.

3. Afsana has a special feature of deliberating on a specific theme with clear assessment. Through the course of Afsana as is taught in our department, the students may be able to write on some vital issues of society with least ambiguity.

4. Drama represents the reflection of our sufferings, joys, achievements. Through this course our students may be able to inspire and encourage the community for achieving higher objectives.

5. The study of Tehqiq e Tanqid would pour the spirit of splitting right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and historical aberrations from factual points. After this course our students are expected to write and speak on any issue with impartiality and neutrality with no bias.