Department of Zoology



1.      Well Furnished Lecture Theaters.

2.     Nematode Genomics Research laboratory

3.      Direct Grid Electricity with power backup.

4.      24x7 Internet facility through dedicated 1Gbps optical fiber connectivity

5.      Library facility with the most recent editions of recommended books


   Fully furnished laboratories with sophisticated instruments including:

1.      Electronic weighing balance

2.      Electronic pH meter

3.      Autoclave

4.      Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

5.      Temperature Controlled Waterbath

6.      Refrigerator

7.      Deep freezer (-20 °C)

8.      Ultra Low temperature Freezer (-80 °C)

9.      Refrigerated Incubator cum Orbital Shaker

10.  B.O.D. Incubator

11.  Gradient Thermo cycler

12.  Refrigerated Tabletop Centrifuge

13.  Agarose and PAGE Apparatus

14.  UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

15.  Fluorescence Spectrofluorimeter

16.  Compound and Stereo microscopes

17. Stereozom binocular and Trinacular Research Microscopes