Department of Biotechnology

Course Scheme 

M.Sc Biotechnology

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester I

Bio1014 -Foundation Course                                                                           
Bio 1024 -Molecular Biology                                                                        
Bio 1032 -Microbial Bioresources                                                                                         
Bio 1042 -Plant Bioresources                                                                                     
Bio 1052 -Animal Bioresources                                                                   
Bio 1062 -Cell Biology                                                                   
Bio1072 -Biomolecules

Laboratory Courses

Bio 1712- Microbiology Biology and Microbial Bioresources                                                
Bio 1722- Plant and Animal Bioresources                                                                                                                      
Bio1732- Biomolecules and Cell Biology

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester II

Bio2014- Genetic Engineering                                                    
Bio 2022- Genomics and Proteomics                                                                               
Bio 2034- Enzymology and Metabolism                                                        
Bio 2052- Plant Biotechnology                                                                            
Bio 2514 -Fundamentals of Biotechnology (Open Elective)                                                                            
Bio 2662- Seminar / Journal Club

Laboratory Courses

Bio 2712-Lab on Enzymology and Metabolism                                                             
Bio 2722- Plant Biotechnology and Genomics   and Bio-254                                                          
Bio 2732- Genetic Engineering                                                           

Open Choice Elective Courses. Students are required to opt
any one of the following Courses

Math-201 Mathematical Tools for Real World Problems                                                         
IT-202 Soft skills in Information Technology                                                                          
Comp-203 Computer Applications and Operations                                                              
Bot-205 Mysteries of Green Plants                                                                                   
Bot-206 Botany in Rural development                                                                             
Zol-207 Nutrition, Health and Hygiene                                                                            
Arab-208 Fundamentals of Arabic Language                                                                       
Eng-209 Applied English                                                                                                   
Edu-210 Higher Education                                                                                                
Eco-211 Principles of Banking                                                                                         
HT-212 Basics of Tourism and Travel Agency                                                                      
HT-213 Tourism Resources of J&K                                                                                  
Mgt-214 Business Communications and Soft Skills                                                            
Edu-215 Instructional Technology   

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester III

Bio 3012- Animal Biotechnology                                                                                   
Bio 3022- Genetics                                                                                    
Bio 3032- Industrial Biotechnology                                                                                        
Bio 3042- Bioinformatics and Bioentrepreneurship                                            
Bio 3054- Immunology                                                                             
Bio 3062- Analytical Techniques  

Laboratory Courses

Bio 3712 -Lab on Bioinformatics and Industrial Biotechnology                                                             
Bio 3722- Lab on Immunology and Animal Biotechnology                                                              
Bio 3732- Lab on Analytical Techniques and Genetics
Bio 3732- Lab based on Discipline Centric Elective

Discipline Centric Electives: (One of the following)

Bio 3512- Crop Biotechnology                                                                                        
Bio 3522- Human Genetic disorders                                                       
Bio 3532- Signal Transduction and Cancer Biology                                                                   
Bio 3542- Protein Engineering                                                                   

Course Code & Course Title For  Semester IV

Bio-450 Dissertation